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Learn to understand the essence of sales, and become truly confident in your ability to sell.

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The Sales Mindset Bootcamp

Shift your perspective and approach sales in a way that creates massive momentum, confidence, and results.

  • Stop feeling insecure and uncomfortable when you’re selling 
  • Understand your own belief systems and how they affect your thoughts, your actions, and your business!
  • Learn to see yourself  as the vehicle that takes clients from challenges to solutions and desired outcomes
  • Upgrade your self-image, boost your confidence, and prepare to grow your business!

It really is possible!

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What if you could... 

  • Shift your perspective and approach sales in a way that creates massive momentum and quantum leap results

  • Identify and overcome any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

  • Feel powerful and confident knowing you’re serving as a catalyst to help the person in front of you

  • Discover the tools and strategies needed to accelerate growth and create quantum leaps

  • Upgrade your self-image, boost your confidence, and prepare to grow your business!

Now you can!

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Sales Mindset Bootcamp

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Create Quantum Leaps in Your Sales

This 4-week bootcamp will give you the tools to shift your mindset, boost your confidence and upgrade your ability to sell by combining evocative coaching techniques, with a proven curriculum and a set of actionable tools.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create your own vision of a quantum leap and discover a reliable system to help you how to make it come to life
  • Understand how your mind works and learn to use it to 10X your results
  • Discover the essence, process, and secrets of selling and learn to create quantum growth for you and your business

By shifting your mindset, gaining smart insights, and using our  actionable tools, you can learn to create quantum growth in your business and your life!

Did you know most  leaders,  founders and entrepreneurs still struggle with some sort of discomfort when it comes to selling?

This Bootcamp Is Perfect For You...

  • If you feel you’ve hit a glass ceiling in your sales and want to make a quantum leap and take your success to the next level
  • If you feel uncomfortable or insecure about selling your products and services 
  • If you don't have a sales background and are afraid to sound "pushy",  “salesy" or "needy".
  • If you are ready to create a quantum leap and would like to understand the Quantum Leap System on a deeper level, particularly when it comes to sales.

What You'll Learn In The Sales Mindset Bootcamp...

To Make Things Happen

How Things Really Happen

Understand the system that allows you to start making results happen for you, not to you. 

What we'll cover:

  • There is a system to creating results
  • Define your own quantum leap vision
  • Decide for your vision
  • Embrace your fear
  • Understand failure
How the mind works

How The Mind Works 

In this module we will learn to understand how the mind works, and how we can use it to achieve -not sabotage- our quantum leap goals. 

We will cover: 

  • The essential "rules" of the mind
  • Paradigms and beliefs
  • Self image and its effect on confidence and results
  • What do you really believe?
  • Creating better beliefs!
Mind your mindset

Mind Your Mindset

Our mindset determines our perspective, our perspective determines our actions, and our actions determine our results. 

This session will help you start noticing your true perspective and understanding:

  • The creative mindset
  • The action mindset
  • The money mindset
  • The sales mindset
Grow Your Skillset

Grow Your Skill Set

When you overcome the fear of being too "salesy" you can become the solution your clients need.

In this session we will discuss the actual selling process, and provide you with a system that makes sales conversations easy and effective.

  • The step by step quantum leap sales process
  • The four types of answers
  • Common objections
  • Busting the paradigms

You’ll finish this bootcamp with a new perspective and the tools to help you not only master, but actually enjoy selling!


Maryem Sáder


After studying and practicing marketing,  business, leadership, and success principles for 20+ years, Maryem created The Quantum Leap System, a reliable, predictable, repeatable method designed to facilitate Quantum Growth  in forward-thinking, vision-driven leaders and organizations. 

She is the CoFounder of AKARi Group, CoFounder of Tech Florida Advocates, and a coordinator of Women in Tech initiatives at Global Tech Advocates.

She is also a Board Member at Funtasia Impact, an International Mentor at the  Nordic Female Tech Founders Growth Programme, and a professional mentor  at the startup hub and incubator led by AJE Madrid.

She is a certified coach with two masters degrees, and is a member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate.

@MaryemSader   |  /in/maryemsader


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