Is your voice lost in an ever-growing crowd?


Turn your identity into a powerful force for success!

Build an identity-based personal brand and upgrade your mind to unleash extraordinary success! 


What if you could...

  • Transform your purpose and passion into a powerful, identiry-based brand
  • Stand out from the crowd with a unique value proposition
  • Create a profitable business model and set yourself up for financial success
  • Identify and overcome old habits and beliefs that hold you back 

  • Set and achieve goals confidently

  • Prepare and trust yourself to take the next step... and the next... and the next.

This is the perfect time...


  • If you're in a turning point and trying to reinvent yourself
  • If you feel you've hit a glass ceiling and are ready for a radical upgrade
  • If you're ready to leverage your brand to create a thriving business
  • If you're passionate about your dreams but are having a hard time trying to monetize them
  • If you've realized that what got you this far will not take you to the next level...
  • If you're ready to make a quantum leap and don't really know where to start!

We will help you...  

  • Identify your values and understand your purpose
  • Set and achieve quantum leap goals
  • Clearly define your unique value proposition
  • Develop a powerful, identity-based brand that sets you apart 
  • Create a sustainable, profitable business model
  • Identify the next steps that will help you move forward and stay in the flow
  • Overcome limiting habits and beliefs that hold you back



Are you a right fit?


The Brand Mastery Accelerator is designed to help actors, coaches, artists, athletes, business owners, public figures, and other liberal professionals craft a unique identity brand, develop a captivating story, design a profitable business model, and set themselves up for success.

And I'll be honest with you: it's not for everyone. It takes courage to speak our own voice and create a truly authentic brand. It takes focus and commitment to build real financial freedom. You need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone for the sake of your own growth!

Having said this, I can guarantee it is worth it, especially if...

  • You ever feel you’ve hit a glass ceiling and have a hard time moving to the next level
  • You're ready to embrace a new chapter in your life
  • You're afraid of being invisible in an ever-growing crowd
  • You're frustrated by lack of control over your own time and finances
  • You want to turn your brand into a thriving business that provides financial freedom 
  • You're not willing to settle for good when you want extraordinary!
  • You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and make a quantum leap, but don't really know where to start. 

How it works...

We empower you to transform your personal brand and create a quantum leap!


How? By combining transformational coaching techniques, with a structured and proven curriculum and a set of actionable tools in:

  • Live weekly trainings where we give you  simple, powerful, evidence-based methods to build your brand and train your brain to thrive
  • Personal mentoring  answering questions, providing feedback and helping you stay on track
  • The most powerful, actionable tools to guide you in taking effective action and achieving better results with less effort

The Brand Mastery Accelerator:

An Overview

To Make Things Happen
MODULE 1: Week 1 - 4

Identity and Goals -the Why

Embark on a journey to discover the foundation of your identity and the driving force behind your goals.

This module is your starting point, where you'll lay the groundwork for building a brand that resonates with your true self and reaches extraordinary heights.  

  • Session 1 - The Starting Point: There is a System Behind It All

    Delve into the fundamental principles of your identity and discover the underlying structure that guides success. Understand the key elements that shape a strong vision and learn how to identify your unique calling and DNA.

  • Session 2 - Understand Your Identity and Create a Purpose Statement

    Embark on a deep dive into the essence of your personal identity, uncovering your core values, passions, and purpose. Craft a compelling purpose statement that encapsulates the very heart of your identity and resonates with your tribe.

  • Session 3 - Clearly understand Your Mission

    Understand your audience to refine your personal mission and ensure it aligns with your core values and purpose. This session will guide you in creating a mission statement that serves as a beacon for your actions and decisions and guides you in crafting a distinctive brand.

  • Session 4 - Learn to Set Quantum Leap Goals and Decide

    Embrace the power of vision-driven goals to achieve your quantum leap growth. Discover how to set ambitious, attainable goals, and learn to make real decisions that propel you forward.

How the mind works
MODULE  2:  Week 5 - 8

Brand and Business Model -the What 

Delve into the tangible aspects of your brand to transform your vision into a reality.

This module equips you with the tools to create a unique value proposition, build a robust brand platform, and establish a profitable business model that fuels growth.

  • Session 5 - Craft Your Unique Value Proposition

    Identify what makes you stand out from the crowd and define your Unique Value Proposition. Using our adapted version of the Value Proposition Canvas, you'll learn to articulate your own value clearly and compellingly, attract the right audience and differentiate your voice.

  • Session 6 - Build a Strong Brand Platform

    Develop a cohesive and consistent brand message that aligns with your personal identity and values. Create a strong identity that resonates with your audience and guides your messaging and actions across all platforms.

  •  Session 7 - Design a Profitable Business Model

    Craft a scalable and sustainable business model that generates revenue and ensures your sustainable success. Clearly identify your revenue streams, cost structure, natural partnerships and competitive advantages, and lay the foundation for financial stability and growth.

  •  Session 8 - Create a Compelling Story

    Turn your personal journey into a powerful brand story that connects with your audience on an emotional level. Share your experiences, challenges, and triumphs, in a step-by-step narrative that resonates with your market. 

Mind your mindset
MODULE 3:  Week 9 - 12

Bonus: Mindset and Action -the How

Go beyond the tangible aspects of your brand and focus on the transformative power of your actions and mindset. 

This module empowers you to cultivate a growth mindset and train your brain to overcome limiting habits and beliefs, and harness the full potential of your inner resources to take effective action.

  • Session 9 - Program Your Mind for Success

    Discover the remarkable power of your subconscious mind and learn how to program it for success. Understand the principles of neuro-plasticity and cultivate positive habits and beliefs that will drive you forward.

  • Session 10 - Overcome Common Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

    Identify and address the common blocks that hinder your progress. Learn how to transform limiting beliefs into empowering affirmations, fostering a growth mindset that overcomes challenges and propels you towards success.

  • Session 11 - Your Secret Weapons: Shifting Your Focus and Perspective

    Master the art of selective attention and shift your perspective to focus on the possibilities rather than the obstacles. Learn to leverage your mindset to amplify your -and your brand's- potential and achieve extraordinary results.

  • Session 12 - Leverage Your Superpowers: A Brand Mastery Action Plan

    Harness the full potential of your inner resources, including your imagination, perception, reason, and will. Create a personalized brand mastery action plan that clearly aligns with your goals and empowers you to succeed.


What you get...

  • Clarity about your identity, vision, and goals. You will have a deep understanding of who you are, what you want to achieve, and how you want to make a difference in the world.
  • A unique and compelling personal brand. You will learn how to create a personal brand that is authentic, memorable, and resonates with your target audience, and to build a profitable business model around it.
  • A deeply authentic and scalable business model. You will learn to design a profitable business model that honours your personal brand and fosters your financial success 
  • The mental tools and skills you need to succeed. You will learn how to use the power of your brain to stay focused, take the next step and achieve your goals

Maryem Sáder


A highly respected strategic consultant, mentor, and coach with several master's degrees, Maryem embodies the spirit of life-long learning and continuous personal and professional development.

Leveraging over two decades of consulting expertise in branding, business, leadership, communications, and success principles, Maryem has created The Brand Mastery Accelerator – a powerful program designed to equip actors, coaches, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, business owners, and public figures with the most effective tools and strategies required to achieve unprecedented success.

As the CoFounder of AKARi Group and Tech Florida Advocates, and the coordinator of Women in Tech initiatives at Global Tech Advocates, Maryem is a strong advocate for personal and professional innovation and empowerment. Her global expertise has garnered recognition as a board member of Funtasia Impact, and as an International Mentor at the  Nordic Female Tech Founders Growth Programme.

Maryem's broad international expertise allows her to provide a holistic approach that resonates with her ambitious, results-driven clientele, while her commitment to empowering individuals and organizations has earned her recognition as a trusted advisor and mentor to successful business and public figures around the globe.

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